The syphon BBQ Injector makes injecting meat more convenient than ever before. Its dial-a-volume feature makes it easy to manage marinade flow while continual refilling eliminates risk for cross-contamination. This injector is substantially faster than conventional injectors.This injector is set up to siphon any amount of liquid. Just put the end of the tube into any container and inject.High quality, sturdy, and easy to use - this BBQ injector is perfect for pork, turkey, beef, and more!Adjustable injection amounts are easily set using the adjustable knob on the handle.Comes with plenty of tubing and Four needles.Super easy and quick to clean up.Sturdy design and ready for injection of your favorite marinade or liquid into any protein you have available.Great for you, or as a gift for your fave chef or grill master.

Syphon BBQ injector kit